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Child Safety - child at window Silent Gliss

Child Safety

Window blind cords and chains must be kept out of reach of babies and small children and there are many solutions for new and existing blinds. Here is what you should do now if you have babies or young children living in your house or if babies or young children may visit: Examine every blind in your home. If they have a looped control chain or cord and do not have a safety device fitted then you can easily install one of the many devices available. Dirtyblinds will be happy to assist you.

  • Ensure that all operating blind cords and chains cannot be reached by children.
  • When buying a new blind always look for one that does not contain cords, has concealed cords or has an in-built safety device.
  • Move cots, beds and any furniture away from windows and blinds – remember children love to climb.

Buying new blinds for your home

Window blinds come in an endless range of colours and finishes, but when buying new blinds for your home you must consider the way they are operated as well. There are blinds to suit every application and many are now available with cordless or concealed cord operation making them 'safe by design'. All other operating styles can be made safe as well.

New standards now published

If you have premises where children under the age of 42 months are present or likely to have access to blinds, you must install blinds which are compliant with the child safety requirements of BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014. We believe this applies to all public buildings and the publicly accessible areas of commercial buildings.

Safe by design

A blind which is safe by design is one that is cordless or has concealed or tensioned cords. Typically these products are pushed or pulled into position. Motorised products also remove the need for operating cords. Wooden shutters and external blinds are other cordless styles of window dressing.

In-built safety systems

In-built safety systems are those that are built into the blind product and so do not require additional installation or operation in use. Some window sizes or shapes may not lend themselves to cordless window blinds or you may specifically wish to co-ordinate with your existing blinds. If this is the case then choose a blind style with an in-built safety device, such as a chain break connector where the chain is designed to separate under any undue pressure. Breakaway tassels at the bottom of cords work in the same way.

Child Safety - child at window Silent Gliss

Separate safety systems

Separate safety systems are those that require additional installation or operation in use. If cordless options or those with inbuilt safety devices are not suitable for your specific situation then the only alternative is to use a blind with a separate safety device such as a tensioning system or an accumulation device like a cleat. Make sure the device is securely fitted to the wall and always used.

For more information on Make It Safe, visit their website at http://www.makeitsafe.org.uk

Dirty blinds Ltd have supported the campaign that brought in the new law effective from the 31st March 2014.  All internal blind products have to comply with the new revision of the child safety element of the standard EN13120, 2014, EN16433 functionality test method and EN16434 suitability test method.
At Dirtyblinds we strive to produce the best products for our customers and will ensure that you get the best service from us.   As standard, Dirtyblinds blinds will be supplied with an operating loop and tension device.
If you require blinds which are not intended to be installed in premises where children aged 0-42 months are likely to have access or be present, we would require a signed declaration from you stating that the child safety requirements of EN13120 are not required.

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